Graduate level course offerings: Engineering Mechanics

All courses in the engineering mechanics area are the responsibility of the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments.

EM 403 Advanced Mechanics of Materials 4R-0L-4C S
Prerequisite: EM 203
Covers advanced topics in mechanics of deformable bodies and theories of failure. Introduces the theory of elasticity.

EM 406 Vibration Analysis 4R-0L-4C F
Prerequisite: ES 205
Dynamic analysis of vibrating mechanical systems. Includes studies of single- and multiple-degrees-of-freedom, damped and undamped systems in both free and forced motion. Applications to vibration isolation and absorption, design of vibration measurement instrumentation, rotating unbalance, and torsional vibration of rotors.

EM 493 Selected Topics in Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

EM 501 Topics in Fluid Mechanics 4R-0L-4C Arr
Prerequisite: EM 301 or ES 202
Course may be repeated for different fluid mechanics topics.

EM 502 Advanced Dynamics 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: ES 205
Kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies in two- and three-dimensional motion. Includes Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of equations of motion. Applications to conservative, nonconservative, holonomic and non-holonomic systems.

EM 503 Advanced Vibration Analysis 4R-0L-4C W
Prerequisite: EM 406
Dynamic analysis of multiple-degree-of-freedom lumped parameter vibrating systems as well as continuous systems. Lagrange's equations of motion. Applications include numerical methods and matrix formulation. Introduction to nonlinear and random vibration analysis. Methods of Rayleigh and Rayleigh-Ritz.

EM 505 Theory of Elasticity 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: EM 204
Introduces the classical formulation of problems in elasticity. Emphasizes the derivation and the applications of the basic constitutive equations of elasticity such as strain-displacement, equilibrium, compatibility, and stress-strain. Covers St. Venant's problems, energy principles, and variational methods.

EM 508 Energy Methods in Engineering Mechanics 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite EM 403 and MA 330
General concepts and principles in mechanics, conservative mechanical systems, and variational methods. Applications to deformable bodies.