Graduate level course offerings: Chemistry

CHEM 430 Advanced Biochemistry 4R-0L-4C S
Prerequisite: CHEM 330
Relationship between chemical structure and biological function. Metabolism, with emphasis on chemical motifs.

CHEM 433 Biochemistry Laboratory 0R-4L-lC S
Corequisite: CHEM 430
Fundamental techniques employed in isolation, characterization and study of biomolecules, and enzyme kinetics. Techniques used may include homogenization, solvent extraction, centrifugation, salt fractionation, chromatography, and electrophoresis.

CHEM 441 Inorganic Chemistry I 4R-0L-4C F
Prerequisite: CHEM 252 and CHEM 362
The chemistry of non-metals. This course consists of a systematic study of the properties and reactions of the elements and their compounds based upon modern theories of the chemical bond, as well as from the viewpoint of atomic structure and the periodic law.

CHEM 442 Inorganic Chemistry II 3R-4L-4C
Prerequisite: CHEM 441
The chemistry of metals. Modern theories such as valence bond, molecular orbital, electrostatic and ligand field are used to explain the properties of complex ions. Synthesis and characterization of complexes are done in the lab.

CHEM 445 Organometallic Chemistry 4R-0L-4C S
Prerequisite: CHEM 252
A survey of the chemistry of main group organometallic compounds and organo-transition metal complexes. Reaction mechanisms and uses in organic synthesis and catalysis are studied.

CHEM 451 Organic Structure Determination 2R-8L-4C S
Prerequisite: CHEM 253 or permission of instructor
Chemical and spectroscopic identification of organic compounds. Study of nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy and other techniques applied to structure elucidation and stereochemistry.

CHEM 452 Synthetic Organic Chemistry 4R-0L-4C F or W
Prerequisite: CHEM 253
A survey of contemporary methodology in organic synthesis. Retrosynthetic analysis, functional group transformations, condensation chemistry, and organometallic reagents will be stressed. Includes computer assisted synthesis.

CHEM 454 Theoretical Organic Chemistry 4R-0L-4C W
Prerequisite: CHEM 253 and CHEM 361 or CHEM 360 or permission of instructor
Study of physical and chemical methods used to investigate organic reaction mechanisms; the chemistry of carbenes; organic photochemistry.

CHEM 455 Natural Products 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: CHEM 253 or permission of instructor
A study of naturally occurring materials such as carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, terpenes and steroids. The course also entails a discussion of synthesis, biosynthesis, structure elucidation, selected degradation and other reactions as well as some medicinal characteristics of selected natural products.

CHEM 457 Synthetic Polymer Chemistry 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: CHEM 252
Polymer synthesis, reactions, and applications. Organic chemistry of polymer synthesis and modification. Design of polymer systems that meet certain performance criteria or have desirable physical properties.

CHEM 461 Advanced Physical Chemistry 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: CHEM 363
Addresses a variety of topics in quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics or kinetics.

CHEM 462 Physical Polymer Chemistry 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: CHEM 252
Physical behavior of polymers. Physical properties, molecular weight determination, relationship between morphology and mechanical properties.

CHEM 465 Environmental Organic Chemistry 4R-0L-4C
Prerequisite: CHEM 251 or CE 564 or permission of instructor
This course will examine the processes that control the fate of organic contaminants in the environment. Course topics include applying chemical thermodynamics to understand environmental fate, aqueous solubilities, partitioning behavior into various environmental compartments, sorption behavior, and the mechanisms and kinetics of some important abiotic transformations.

CHEM 470 Special Topics in Chemistry (1-4)R-0L-(1-4)C F, W, S
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Studies in advanced topics of current chemical interest not addressed in other named courses.

CHEM 476 Directed Laboratory Study in Chemistry 0R-4L-1C F, W, S
Prerequisite: To be taken concurrently with the appropriate elective not accompanied by an identified laboratory component.
Laboratory studies designed to supplement an area concentration in organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, or some other field of chemistry.

CHEM 477 Directed Study in Chemistry (1-4)R-0L-(1-4)C F, W, S
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Allows individual study in a topic not usually offered. A student may take 1 to 4 credits. A maximum of 4 credits is permitted.

CHEM 490 Chemical Research 0R-(4-12)L-(1-3)C
Research under the direction of a member of the faculty selected by mutual agreement. Students may earn a maximum of 18 credits between CHEM 290 and CHEM 490. Students may register for 1 to 3 credits per quarter.