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Graduate program: Optical Engineering

The Physics and Optical Engineering Department offers a terminal master's degree in Optical Engineering which prepares students for jobs in industry. A bachelor of science in science or engineering is required for admission to this program. The program of study includes five core courses in Optical Engineering, four elective courses, a thesis project, and an oral thesis defense. The thesis project will, as far as possible, address a "real-world" problem that would be of mutual interest to an industrial sponsor, the student and the student's advisory committee chairperson. Normally, it takes a student five quarters to complete the requirements for the M.S. (Optical Engineering) degree.

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Master of Science in Optical Engineering requirements

36 credit hours of course-work (24 credit hours of required courses and 12 credit hours of elective courses)
12 credit hours of thesis-work

Students are required to submit their plan of study for approval by their thesis advisor and their advisory committee.
Students are required to successfully defend their M.S. thesis

Required Courses (unless already taken*)

OE 520 Principles of Optics**
OE 570 Special Topics in Optics
OE 580 Optical Systems Design
OE 592 Fourier Optics & Applications
OE 585 Electro Optics and Applications
OE 595 Optical Metrology
OE 594 Integrated Optics

* Required credits must be replaced by 400- or 500-level OE/PH/EP courses.
** Unless have already taken PH292, OE280 and OE295

Elective Courses
Students are required to choose elective courses listed in the graduate studies web page.