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Graduate program: Environmental Engineering

This program has been designed to build upon a student's undergraduate background and provide additional depth and breadth in the challenging Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. In addition to courses in engineering, technical electives may be chosen from a variety offered in other departments.

Department emphasis is on the one-year course-based Master of Environmental Engineering, summarized below. However, students with an interest in a multi-year, project-based Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, also summarized below, may explore options in the department to pursue this degree.

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Master of Environmental Engineering requirements (course-based)

  • 48 credit hours of course work as approved by student's academic advisor.
  • At least 32 credit hours must be upper level CE courses (CE4xx or CE5xx).
  • At least 36 credit hours must be graduate level courses (5xx from any department, or 4xx-level Mathematics which have been approved by the student's advisory committee). Thus no more than 12 credit hours may be 4xx level, excluding      the specifically approved Mathematics courses referred to above.

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering requirements (project-based)


  • 20 credit hours of core courses, which include

CE 563 Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering

CE 564 Aquatic Environmental Chemistry

CE 567 Applied Hydrologic Modeling

CE 568 Applied Contaminant Transport Modeling

CE 569 Environmental Systems Optimization

CE 598 Special Topics – Stream Restoration


  • 20 credit hours of elective courses

Elective courses could include, but are not limited to 400 or 500 level CE courses beyond committee-defined core courses. Students may take elective courses outside of the Civil Engineering Department (e.g., Mathematics, Chemical Engineering) that are considered by the student's adviser and advisory committee as being relevant and appropriate to the student's course of study.

  • 8 credit hours of project course work


Course of Study Prerequisite for either Masters degree

Students must have completed a laboratory based environmental course and an introductory undergraduate class in environmental science and/or engineering. These are considered prerequisites and will not be counted in the 48 hours required for either Master’s degree. Students without these requirements will be required to take CE 460 and CE 461 in addition to the 48 hours listed above.