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MechE Hands-On

Real-World Experience
A key feature of the Mechanical Engineering program at Rose Hulman  is the vast amount of hands-on opportunities available to students. Established in 2003, the Advanced Transportation Systems Fund (ATS Fund) has served as an umbrella to facilitate corporate sponsorship for Rose-Hulman's five ATS Competition Teams: Rose Efficient Vehicle, Human Powered Vehicle Team, Rose Gran Prix Engineering, Team Rose Motorsports, and Design Build Fly. Focusing respectively on super efficiency, human locomotion, formula-style racing, all-out performance, and aviation, these teams, though spread across campus, work together in a synergistic virtual cauldron sharing ideas, technology, and even members. This interaction, coupled with strict deadlines and intense pressure, has served as an excellent preparatory model in developing young engineers who are immediate producers and rapid risers in the advanced transportation sector.