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Take the Lead with Fast Track Calculus

Important Dates for 2015

Application Materials due        Thursday April 16
Acceptance Announcements      Friday May 1     
Fast Track begins      Sunday July 19
Fast Track ends      Noon on Friday, August 21

What is Fast-Track Calculus?

Fast-Track Calculus is an intensive five-week course intended for outstanding students who have had one year of calculus and analytic geometry in high school. In these five weeks, Fast-Track students review differential and integral calculus, cover all of multivariable calculus, and become familiar with the computer implementation of mathematics. Successful completion of Fast-Track Calculus means that the normal 15 hours of freshman calculus is complete. The student receives 15 hours of academic credit, and is able to enter Sophomore-level mathematics courses as a freshman.

You get credit for Calculus I, II, and III in just five weeks. All this before the fall quarter starts! With the credit hours you gain, you can take higher-level courses or get a head start on a minor, double major or graduate school.

Do I Qualify?
Fast Track Calculus is only open to incoming freshman who meet minimum requirements.

Graves Fastrack   

G. Elton Graves

Director, Fast Track Calculus
G-218, Crapo Hall
(812) 877-8397