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Life After Rose-Hulman

What can you do with a math degree - from Rose-Hulman?

A degree in mathematics can take you all kinds of places across business, industry, and government or in academia. Outside of academia the role of mathematics is not always immediately obvious, but the most remarkable scientific discoveries, new technologies, and economic insights tend to have mathematical concepts at their cores.

Since the opportunities are sometimes unclear we devote a few pages to explaining career opportunities and give some examples form alumni. Our Explore Careers pages give a list of employers and graduate schools attended by our alumni.  Some sample careers are actuarial and Six Sigma. Our Alumni Profile pages give a number of examples of our graduates both major and double majors.

As a preview here are a few news stories about our alumni and friends of the department.

GoldsmithAlumnus Marshall Goldsmith Named World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker

HardymonAlumnus, Harvard Business Professor Sees Innovation Economy as Offering Opportunities for Creativity

SchindelAlumnus Bill Schindel Makes the Complex More Systematic