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An Engaging Mathematical Environment

Graves With Students

We deliver a strong program in foundational mathematics for Rose-Hulman students—regardless of major—in calculus, differential equations, discrete math, and probability/statistics. Our upper division program for mathematics majors, biomathematics majorsdouble majors, and minors offers exceptional preparation for graduate school or careers in the actuarial sciences as well as business, industry, and government. And research opportunities are not just for faculty but for undergraduates as well through the senior thesis/project, seminars, conferences, independent study, summer research programs, and the Undergraduate Mathematics Journal.

You’ll find our impressive classroom and computational facilities support both teaching and research. And our active participation in mathematics competitions provides our students challenges and recognitions.

Our recognitions and accomplishments, represent the dedication we have to providing an outstanding educational environment and engaging mathematical environment for our faculty and students. 

Advanced Placement, Fast Track Calculus, and Accelerated Math Physics

Many incoming freshmen arrive with a strong foundation of coursework already finished. Nearly half of Rose-Hulman students arrive having earned advanced placement credit in at least one calculus course, and a quarter of all students get credit for two or more AP courses they’ve taken. By taking part in the intensive summer Fast Track Calculus program, or math and physics through the Accelerated Math Physics program, at least 15 percent of students start with an entire year of mathematics credit.

Research and Seminars

All faculty members are committed to furthering the “mathematical atmosphere” on campus and beyond through scholarship and outreach activities.

We offer research opportunities that are uncommon at other institutions, and the mathematics department is no exception in enriching the educational environment through undergraduate research. Students may present their work at conferences and the Rose-Hulman Mathematics Seminar. The seminar meets on a regular basis throughout the year and welcomes our students from all majors and faculty as well as faculty from other institutions. Topics vary from meeting to meeting, and any participant is invited to give a talk.

Students may also take part in the Rose-Hulman Conference on Undergraduate Mathematics, which spotlights talks by undergraduates on a variety of mathematical topics. Every summer, faculty and students participate in special research programs such as the Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative and activities supported by the Weaver Undergraduate Research Fund and Rose Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Rose-Hulman has participated in the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates. And student research work is regularly published in the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal.

The senior thesis or project is also a big part of undergraduate student research. A student may work one–on-one with a faculty member on a year-long theoretical or applied problems or even work with a team of students on a project. For student pursuing a double majors the thesis or project can be blended to include aspects of both disciplines.

Student Mathematics Activities

Our students show a great deal of interest in collegiate level mathematics competitions, a passion that is shared by a large number of our department faculty. Although many of the students that participate in these competitions are not math majors, they always preform well. The department also hosts a problem-solving seminar for an hour each week for students interested in additional competition.

The department is actively involved in numerous high school contests including the annual Rose-Hulman High School ContestMATHCOUNTS, and the American Mathematics Competitions.

There are also several student clubs that have either a math focus or apply math and science skills. Pi Mu Epsilon is an honorary mathematics fraternity with over 30 active members.