Undergraduates, Top-Level Equipment

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With its Visionworks software, the UVP Bioimaging System works on the same principles used to create digital animation characters in film. Used for student research in biomechanics, the system also helps the Human Powered Vehicle competition team optimize their pedaling efficiency.

Because the Rose-Hulman Biology and Biomedical Engineering department begins honing a student's lab skills very early on, all undergraduates have the opportunity to work closely with state-of-the-art lab equipment throughout their time at Rose-Hulman -- for example, this bioimaging system.

Here's a sampling of other lab tools students may use in their research:

Biology EquipmentBE Equipment
UVP Bioimaging System with Visionworks software Oqus motion analysis system with infrared cameras
Biotek microarray readers Dual power supplies
Refrigerated centrifuges Microscribe 3D digitizer
Refrigerated incubators Diasonics ultrasound machine
Gene sequencer Tabletop materials testing rigs
Environmental chambers Inverted microscope with phase contrast
-80C Ultra low freezers VO2000 metabolic measurement system
Digital microscopes Terranova NMR and MRI teaching system
Dual chamber thermal cycler ECG machines
Inverted fluorescence microscope Doppler ultrasound machines
  Sorvall microtomes

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