Strategic Plan 2013-2018


strategic-PlanAfter a year of traveling from coast to coast to canvass the students, faculty, alumni, parents, retirees, industry partners, and peer institutions that make up the greater Rose-Hulman community, Rose-Hulman's Strategic Planning Team has produced the Strategic Plan 2013-2018.

Everyone involved in The "Great" Debate has shown they love this institution. According to Senior Vice President Robert Coons, "Everyone - no matter what age, major, location, or affiliation to Rose-Hulman - is passionate about Rose-Hulman continuing to improve while keeping intact those things that are the proven recipe to our great success: a personal, collaborative and congenial hands-on educational experience with the best faculty in science, engineering, and mathematics."

The Strategic Plan 2013-2018 is a reflection of that passionate commitment.

Rose-Hulman Mission and Vision Statements

Our -Definitions


The mission of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is to provide our students with the world's best undergraduate science, engineering, and mathematics education in an environment of individual attention and support.


Rose-Hulman graduates will be inspired and prepared for lives of purpose and success, defining and solving the problems of a complex global society.

Rose-Hulman will be a lifelong partner with our graduates and a recognized global leader in science, engineering, and mathematics education.