Michael Wollowski, CSSE

Professor Wollowski attended the Workshop on December 10, 2003.  During the workshop, Mike identified a writing problem he was experiencing with his CSSE 490 course.  The course focus is on advances to the Web, encouraging students to conduct research on Web developments and propose innovations that could be the foundation for future products.  By his own report, Mike believes the course should encourage students' creativity and independent thinking, and he has tried to do this by assigning writing; specifically, in the past, he has asked students to write science fiction scenarios that describe the future 20-30 years out.  The results of the SF writing project have not been what he hoped, so he is considering alternatives that can help students expand their thinking while helping their writing.

 In our follow-up meeting, he said he had already adapted several of the workshop strategies to his course:

While Mike thinks these new strategies will help, he asked for assistance on developing two new writing tasks/assignments to encourage creativity and innovative thinking: