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Alumni Faces of STEM

Our alumni are doing some really cool things. Meet them and learn more.
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Michel Farhat

Michel Farhat

Michel Farhat is a 2018 mechanical engineering alumnus who also earned his master's in engineering management from Rose‑Hulman in 2020. He works in Germany in systems management and also plays amateur professional soccer.

Linnell Williams

Linnell Williams

Linnell is an electronic warfare officer with the U.S. Space Force, helping innovate new processes and systems to help America stay ahead of the competition in the modern day “space race.”
Robert Wilkins

Robert Wilkins

Judge Robert Wilkins, a 1986 chemical engineering alumnus, is a member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Learn more about his work as a champion for honoring African American history, civil rights, and justice here:
Alyssa Riley


A pediatric nephrologist and chemical engineering alumna living in Texas.

Kim Henthorn


Chemical Engineering alumna who is bringing her love of engineering to the classroom.

J. Kevin Kaufman


A neurosurgeon and chemical engineering alumnus living in Texas.

Megan Byrley


A U.S. Foreign Service official living all over the world.

Andy Milluzzi


A computer engineering and software engineering alumnus working at Disney.

Tarelle Osborn


A civil engineering alumna running her own 40-person consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest.
Thomas Reives


Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management alumnus who coaches robotics.

Kenton Hipsher

Kenton Hipsher

Kenton Hipsher is a 2017 biology graduate living in the San Francisco area who is a biotechnology sales professional experienced in communicating science to technical and non-technical professionals. He founded the #BlackProfessionals Project in June 2020 to educate and inspire Black and Brown youths by highlighting professionals who share their career experiences and journeys through YouTube and social media interviews.
Adam Janeira


Mechanical Engineering alumnus in the motion picture business.

Evan Kokoska


A pediatric surgeon and chemical engineering alumnus living in Indianapolis.

Warren Mickens

Warren Mickens

Warren Mickens, a 1977 mechanical engineering alumnus and current Trustee, shares the impact being a Rose-Hulman graduate has had on his career leading technology and manufacturing companies throughout the world.

Kelly Noel


Electrical Engineering alumna with a passion for triathlons.

Marcie Hawk


A chemical engineering alumna in the wine business.

Jorge-Luis Leon


Mechanical Engineering alumnus with a passion for aerospace technology and Star Wars.

Adam Jarboe


Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management Alumnus who began his career in a startup.

Lauren Meadows


Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Management alumna with a passion for travel. 

Nick Birch


Mechanical Engineering alumnus who has built a career in launching startups.

Agnes Berzsenyi


Mechanical Engineering alumna with a passion for encouraging women in STEM

Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison

Electrical Engineering alumnus Jeff Harrison leads one of Indiana’s largest utilities and is a major contributor to the Indianapolis community. He is also a member of Rose-Hulman's Board of Trustees.

Shawn Hymel


 A computer engineering alumnus living in the Big Easy.

Ranjana Chandramouli


A Senior Process Control Engineer at Eli Lilly who is also designing the perfect macaron.
Marcie Morrison


Mechanical Engineering alumna who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Eric Volz


Mechanical Engineering alumnus who enjoys exploring his urban neighborhood.

Paul Palmer Jr. II

Paul Palmer Jr. II

Paul Palmer Jr. II graduated from Rose-Hulman in 1989 before turning his skills from engineering to marketing for Star Wars toys and other iconic brands. 

Darin Moody's headshot

Darin Moody

Board of Trustees member and chemical engineering alumnus Darin Moody has spent his professional career with Eli Lilly and Company, now as senior vice president overseeing global corporate internal manufacturing operations. That role had him cited among the 2020 Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America by Savoy magazine.

Tanya Colonna


Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Management alumna with a competitive startup design. 

Mike Martin


Computer Engineering and Engineering Management alumnus with an extensive LEGO collection.

Victor Aguilar


Biomedical Engineering alumnus at Cornell University.

Amanda Witter


Chemical Engineering alumna with a love for Excel spreadsheets.

Greg Gotwald


Chemical Engineering alumnus with a career in law who still reads his old engineering textbooks.

Scott Small


Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering alumnus with a love for nature documentaries.

Christine Bach


Chemical Engineering alumna who enjoys Star Trek and geocaching.

Erica Buxton


Chemical Engineering alumna with her own company and a knack for assembling IKEA furniture. 

Tracey Lockhart


Mechanical Engineering alumna at Rolls-Royce.

Mike Thomas


Computer Science alumnus with an appreciation for Star Trek.

Joe Matthews

Joe Matthews

A winner of Rose-Hulman's 2011 Alumni Career Achievement Award, Joe Matthews understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in building a strong team. He is currently VP of purchasing and the first diversity officer for Gentex Corporation.
Chad Conway


Mechanical Engineering alumnus who has launched a career with Tesla.

Danna Sheridan


Biomedical Engineering alumna with a passion for theater and gaming conventions.

Andrew Jordan


Mechanical Engineering alumnus with a passion for volunteer work and continuous learning.

Keenan Long


Mechanical Engineering alumnus who combines engineering with his passion for sports.

Smiling female student.

Women in STEM

Studies highlight Rose-Hulman for providing opportunities for women in high-paying, high-demand STEM professions.

25 Years of Being Co-Ed

Over the past 25 years, Rose-Hulman women have excelled – taking campus leadership roles, earning top academic and athletic awards, and blazing new trails as alumni.

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