Student services

Student Affairs

Rose-Hulman dedicates itself to the total growth and development of each individual student. The Office of Student Affairs coordinates most of the non-academic aspects of Rose-Hulman student life. The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students has a highly dedicated, energetic and professional Student Affairs staff.

Many of the areas of responsibility in Student Affairs are administered through the central office located on the lower level of the Hulman Union Building. The Vice President for Student Affairs, the Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs, the Associate Director of Residence Life, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, the Director of Disability Services, and the secretary have offices in the Office of Student Affairs in the Hulman Union.

The Student Affairs Office offers personal and academic counseling services, information concerning housing on and off campus, and general information on all aspects of student life. The Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Associate Director of Residence Life and the Assistant Director of Residence Life maintain permanent residence on campus. Three graduate assistants reside on campus in each of the following halls: Apartments West, Deming, & Percopo.


The RHIT Student Counseling Center is located on the upper level of the Hulman Union Building next to the Student Activities Office.  The Student Counseling Center has been established to ensure that every student has the opportunity to benefit from academic and social life at Rose-Hulman.  This is achieved by assisting students in the development of self-awareness and life skills necessary to overcome personal obstacles.  The Student Counseling Center strives to be supportive and informed about the concerns of all students at Rose-Hulman, including international students, racial and ethnic minority students, students of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and students with disabilities.

The RHIT Student Counseling Center is staffed by the Director of Counseling Services, two Licensed Mental Health Counseling Associates, doctoral students from the Department of Psychology, and students pursing a Master of Sceince degree in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Indiana State University.  Doctoral students have a master's degree related to psychology and are currently pursuing a psychology doctorate in clinical pyschology.  Supervision is provided to Student Counseling Center staff by licensed psychologists endorsed as a Health Services Provider in Psychology.

Counselors at the Student Counseling Center utilize goal-oriented counseling methods to assist students.  The objective of the Student Counseling Center is to allow the student the opportunity to talk to a counselor about any concerns they are facing, explore related thoughts and feelings, identify personal strengths, and master new life skills they can use to optimize their academic experience at Rose-Hulman.  Some students may meet only once or twice, others for a longer period of time.  All sessions are confidential and at no cost to the student.  If it becomes evident in working with a student that further assessment or more in-depth counseling/medical assistance is needed, the Student Counseling Center staff can assist the student by referring them to the appropriate professional.

Group workshops offered by the Student Counseling Center focus on topics such as adjustment to college life, stress-management, and social/interpersonal skills.  Additional group experiences can be developed an offered depending on the needs of students.

The Union and Student Activities Office

The Student Activities/Hulman Union Office, HMU 242 is located on the upper level of the Hulman Union Building. It houses the Director of Student Services, the Assistant Dean for Student Services, and the secretary. Student Union rooms may be scheduled with the staff members in this office.  This office also oversees the scheduling and use of the White Chapel on Rose-Hulman's campus.

The Union/Student Activities office coordinates and promotes a wide variety of co-curricular events on and off-campus for students' education and enjoyment. In addition, the Union and Student Activities Office supports the 90-plus Rose-Hulman student organizations, works with Greek life, tracks community service completed by the Rose-Hulman community annually, and organizes the New Student Orientation program.

Health Services

The Institute maintains a medical office on campus, for the healthcare of the students. Services are available to all registered students. For complete office hours please visit the “Health Services Website”.

Students may visit the Health Services Office free of charge. A medical form packet, sent to all new students, requests a thorough medical history and physical examination, required immunizations record, and TB Skin Test. These records are kept on file in the Health Services Office and must be completed prior to matriculation.

Many medications are furnished free of charge. Limited lab tests are available. Specialty drugs and X-ray examinations are not available on campus.

Policy for Medical Records

  1. All students must have medical records and immunization records on file in the Health Services Office prior to matriculation.
  2. All students must show proof of TB Skin Test or Chest X-ray for tuberculosis prior to matriculation.
  3. All students who have not completed the above will be unable to register for classes the following quarter.

Financial Aid

There are many sources of financial assistance available to Rose-Hulman students, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study. A Rose-Hulman student may apply for aid prior to the beginning of any quarter. Most assistance, however, is assigned for an academic year. All financial aid granted by Rose-Hulman is coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid, which is located in Hadley Hall.  For work-study/work-opportunity positions, please see the Financial Aid website or visit the Financial Aid office.

If a student wishes to be considered for aid other than academic scholarships, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must accompany the request for aid. This form should be submitted to the federal processing center at least thirty days prior to the deadline for financial aid applications. This form, the FAFSA, is the only form that needs to be filed to be considered for all federal and state aid programs. Indiana residents' FAFSA must be sent to the federal processor before March 10 to be considered for Indiana Higher Education, Freedom of Choice Grant and 21st Century Scholarship.

All financial aid applications and FAFSAs are available in the Office of Financial Aid.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services is located in the Business Office in the A-Section of Moench Hall and is available to serve students in the areas of Organization Deposits and Billing. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Insurance Services

The Office of Insurance and Risk Management provides domestic and international students health insurance coverage, as well as insurance coverage while participating in school sponsored sports programs. Your first billing statement from the Student Financial Services Office will include a charge for fall quarter student health insurance. Each subsequent quarterly billing statement will include a similar charge unless you waive this coverage.  If you have other health insurance and do not want this coverage, you must complete an electronic student insurance waiver by the applicable deadline.  The electronic waiver is available online within Banner Web and located under the Student and Financial Aid menu. This waiver applies to the entire school year.  International students cannot waive this coverage.  Contact Susan Butts (812-877-8457 or via e-mail or visit the insurance web page if you have any questions.

Student Employment

The Office of Human Resources, located in Moench Hall, Room A-113 provides student payroll services for all students. If you hold a job at Rose-Hulman you will submit all hours worked electronically via the Banner Web. You will be paid an hourly wage whether you have been awarded federal work study, Rose-Hulman work opportunity or paid through regular student wages. You will need to complete payroll paperwork prior to your first day of employment and return to Human Resources. Contact Brenda Jacks (812-877-8153 or e-mail if you have any questions related to your student employment.

International Student Services

The Director of International Student Services and Special Programs is located in the Student Affairs Office in Hulman Union. This office provides information and counseling to international students on immigration and visa issues and other areas of concern. No appointment is necessary. The Director of International Student Services acts as an advocate for international students and welcomes the opportunity to work with each and every one who chooses to study at Rose-Hulman.

Rose-Hulman is very proud of our international students, whose presence provides opportunities for US-based students to broaden their perspectives through exposure to different cultures. The number of international students on our campus varies each year, currently averaging 80 students from about 20 different countries.

The goal of ISA (International Student Association) is not only to gather the international students together, to know more about each other and different cultures, but also to invite US-based students to share the US culture as well.  We hope to experience diversity by getting to know each other through campus involvement as well as social activities.

Through interaction with people different from ourselves, not only do we learn about different ways of life, but we also learn about ourselves and grow through understanding differences. We believe that engineers and scientists of the future will need 'cross-cultural' skills, that is, skills that will enable them to work and live productively in a variety of settings very different from the ones in which they feel most comfortable.

Office of Global Programs

The Office of Global Programs, located on the second floor of the John T. Myers building, offers assistance in global outreach for students and faculty.  This office is the first step in the process to study abroad, find international internships, get advice on travel as related to academics and work- related opportunities. This office works in conjunction with academic departments, the registrar, and career services to facilitate inbound and outbound students, faculty and staff. The Office of Global Programs serves to make the connections with like-minded universities to create viable exchanges of students and faculty.

Disability Services

Rose-Hulman is committed to working with students who have special needs or disabilities. Such students may be eligible to receive accommodations that provide equal access to learning , the living and learning environment, and college activities. After being admitted to RHIT, students must establish their eligibility for accommodations by notifying the Disability Services Coordinator, who is located in Student Affairs, of the disability and providing sufficient documentation. Students must provide as much documentation as possible about the disability and resulting substantial limitations. Documentation less than three years old by a psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor, school counselor, licensed clinical social worker, or other licensed health provider is acceptable.

Office of Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety, located on the east side of campus on U.S. 40 and on the east side of the Circle K Shell Service Center, provides a variety of integrated services to the Rose-Hulman community.

Student escort service, vehicle registration and traffic enforcement are included in the program. Additional duties of the staff consist of maintaining updates on potential development of adverse weather conditions (e.g., tornadoes), the alerting of community members to those situations, energy disruption, fire protection and control, security, and protection of life, property, and Institute assets in general. Vehicle registration is required by all students with vehicles on the campus.

Specific education, experience, and training are required of by the staff to provide a professional response to an emergency.

To report an emergency, dial 812-877-8590.

Rose-Hulman student complaint procedure

Any student wishing to file a formal complaint concerning any aspect of the Institution can do so by submitting the complaint in written form (email is acceptable) to the Dean of Students.  The complaint must be signed by the complaining party or parties. The Dean of Students will refer the complaint to the appropriate vice president for consideration and/or action.

Students at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology have the right to express concerns if they believe they have been treated unfairly, subjected to harassment, or been the victim of discrimination. Students can address these concerns through either an informal or formal process.

In most instances, complaints can be resolved through an informal process beginning with talking with the staff, faculty, or student with whom the issue originated. If discussing the matter with the individual does not resolve the situation, the student can contact the resources listed below to help achieve a solution.

Final grade appeals:

Consult your academic advisor or academic department head for guidance.

Appeals of academic integrity sanctions:

Consult your advisor or academic department head for guidance.

Complaints regarding discrimination or harassment:

Contact Kristen Loyd  (812-877-8484). Also visit the section in the Student Handbook for Policies, Rules, and Regulations, where you will find a comprehensive list of definitions, policies, and procedures.

Appeals of misconduct recommendations and actions:

The procedure for appealing actions or recommendations stemming from academic or non-academic misconduct can be found in the Student Handbook online.

Grievances related to accommodations:

Contact Karen DeGrange (812-877-8285) in Disability Services. More information can be found on the Disability Services website.

Allegations of misconduct by other students:

Contact the Dean of Students in the Office of Student Affairs.

Other Complaints

For complaints that do not fall into the categories above, contact the Dean of Students in the Office of Student Affairs.

If a solution cannot be achieved informally, or if the student is not satisfied with the solution, a formal complaint may be filed.

Formal Complaints and Grievances

A formal complaint must be submitted in writing/email, signed by the student (electronic signature is acceptable), and submitted to the Dean of Student’s attention in the Office of Student Affairs. The Dean of Students or designee will investigate the complaint, take appropriate action and respond to the student within 30 days. A record of the student complaint will be placed in the student's file and noted on the Student Complaint Log kept in the Office of Student Affairs.  Complaints should be expressed as soon as possible after the event occurs; some procedures at Rose-Hulman have specific deadlines for filing grievances or complaints.  In Indiana, the statute of limitations is 2 years, so complaints filed after this time will not be considered.


Here are some tips that may help you in the process of resolving your complaint:

Whoever is investigating your complaint will want to hear all sides of the story before making a recommendation and may ask you to meet with the person against whom your complaint is directed.

Your confidentiality will be protected within reason, but officials of the Institute may require access to your educational record in order to help resolve the situation.

You have the right to retain legal counsel if you so choose.  If you choose to utilize legal counsel, please understand that communication may need to go through Rose-Hulman’s counsel.


It is very important for you to be completely honest throughout the process of filing a complaint; knowingly furnishing false information to a committee, hearing board, or any Institute official is a violation of the Student Code of Ethics.

Filing Complaints if Issues Cannot be Resolved Internally

If an issue cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint about Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with your state by referring to the following list of State Agencies in compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations. You may also contact our accrediting agencies, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Higher Learning Commission ( or the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (  If you are utilizing military Tuition Assistance, a My Career Advancement Account Scholarship, or a Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Scholarship, you may submit a Department of Defense Postsecondary Education Complaint (


These complaint processes are reviewed and updated annually when the Student Handbook is updated.