Office of Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety is a student oriented program which is located on the east side of campus on US 40 and the east-side of the Circle K Service and Convenience Center.

Campus crime and security awareness

Campus crime statistics are available on request in the Office of Public Safety. Any injury or offense of a criminal nature experienced by a student must be reported to the Office of Public Safety. Injuries and criminal offenses experienced at officially sanctioned Rose-Hulman events and/or Fraternity locations on or off campus must also be reported. Data on crime statistics are published on an annual basis.

Good citizens like you make Rose-Hulman the "warm and fuzzy" place that it is. Do us a favor and encourage your friends to be good neighbors by reporting anything malicious in nature or questionable criminal acts immediately to the Office of Public Safety.


Students first campus escort services

Students First Escort Service is an Office of Public Safety function provided by our students and Public Safety Officers for faculty, staff, students, and campus guests. If at anytime you feel the need to be escorted to and from a building or your vehicle.... CALL ext. 8590.

For your life safety

Please familiarize yourself with Fire Extinguisher locations, Emergency Exit Signage and all other Fire Protection Equipment placed in our buildings for your use in a life threatening emergency! Please report tampering and other malicious acts directed at this equipment immediately by calling ext. 8590. Obey Fire Alarm Activation And Fire Drills! Never Use Elevators During A Fire!

Our complimentary parking program!

YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US! Rose-Hulman continues to make every effort to curb cost for one of our most valuable assets, "You" the student. Because of this philosophy, virtually any parking need you may have will be provided for by Rose-Hulman. As long as you are a good citizen complying with our parking regulations, you will never have to spend a penny!

Simple Parking Tips

  • All vehicles must be registered immediately upon campus arrival with Public Safety.
  • Student parking spaces are painted yellow. Faculty-Staff parking spaces are painted white. On conclusion of daily business hours a student may park in a Faculty-Staff space after 5 p.m., however, he or she must vacate before 7 a.m. the following morning. On weekends, a student may park in a Faculty-Staff space after 5 p.m. Friday and vacate before 7 a.m. Monday. All other regulations must be complied with during the exceptional hours.
  • Tow Zones and tow policy are strictly enforced at the owner/operator's expense.
  • Never park in a Handicapped, Reserved, or Reserved for Visitor parking space.
  • If it isn't painted as a space or if it's obliterated (striped out), DO NOT PARK THERE!
  • Never park by ANY building or entrance.
  • Parking in restricted areas is prohibited around all residence halls.
  • Students are restricted to one operable vehicle. Trailers, abandoned and stored or additional vehicles will be towed.
  • Special health conditions that warrant temporary privileged parking consideration must be submitted in writing by the campus Health Services Office to the Office of Public Safety for arrangement and approval prior to being initiated by a vehicle operator.
  • Student Health Service Transportation is also available for emergency health reasons when coordinated with Health Services Office and the Office of Public Safety.

For more information on campus parking regulations please visit the Office of Public Safety's website.

Motor vehicle assistance

Free assistance is available 24 hours per day with virtually any motor vehicle problem. If you need assistance with a flat tire, retrieving keys from your vehicle, or jump starting your vehicle, contact the Office of Public Safety.  We can also lend you a lug wrench, battery charger, gasoline container, booster jumper cables, and we can provide you safe emergency transportation. For professional service call ext. 8590!

Firearms registration

Firearms must be registered with and stored in the Office of Public Safety. Firearms must be in a soft case and a background check from the owner's hometown police department must be obtained by the owner prior to storage of any firearm(s) with Public Safety. Firearms may be checked into the Office of Public Safety at any time, however, check-out will only be permitted between the hours of 5 a.m. and 8 p.m. unless express permission has been obtained from the Dean of Students. The Office of Public Safety reserves the right to refuse the release of a firearm to anyone deemed questionable to handle a firearm in a safe manner.

Academic services

Moench Hall, Olin Hall, Olin Advanced Learning Center and the Mildred & Frederick Crapo Hall are open during the following hours for classes, studying, meetings, etc.:

Monday through Friday:  7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Saturday:   8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Sunday:  9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Rooms in these buildings may be reserved for club meetings, etc., by contacting the Registrar's Office and reserving a room for a specific time.

To remain in the buildings past these hours, see a member of the Faculty or the Office of Student Affairs. They can provide you with a special "admission" pass for the hours desired.