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Although it is recognized for its undergraduate programs, Rose-Hulman also has a proud educational heritage of offering quality graduate-level programs that attract students from around the world.
   In fact, 19-year-old Tsuji Taro traveled from Toyko to study here and earn the first master’s degree awarded by Rose Polytechnic Institute in 1892. Two years earlier, he had received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the institute. 
   More than 120 years later, the number of master’s degree graduates has topped 500 students—and counting.
   “Our graduate program is as good as our undergraduate education. We use the same faculty, the same facilities for teaching, and hold students to the same 
academic standards,” explains Azad Siahmakoun, PhD, associate dean of faculty/professor of physics and optical engineering.
   “Graduate studies enhance the undergraduate experience at Rose-Hulman,” he says, adding he believes “we can’t be best-in-class among higher education institu-
tions without having a quality graduate school.” 
   Rose-Hulman offers master’s degree programs in nine areas. Engineering management and software engineering programs are designed for career professionals seeking to deepen their technical background while acquiring solid, forwardlooking management credentials. The engineering management degree provides the management foundations of an MBA, but with added technical focus. There are a significant number of evening classes in both degree programs off campus to help professionals continue to work full time while earning their graduate degree. 
   “We provide technology business leaders a convenient fast track to the integration 
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of management skills and critical technical knowledge,” says Craig Downing, PhD, head of the Department of Engineering Management. 
   Jeff Gilbert, president and CEO of Carmel, Indianabased Software Engineering Professionals, returned to Rose-Hulman during evenings to earn a master’s degree in engineering management (2006). It supplemented his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (1985).
   “I would call my Rose-Hulman education foundational to my career,” he says. “The mindset, mental toughness, and confidence Rose-Hulman gave me are the building blocks of success in whatever I do.”
   The graduate program also allowed Erin Reeves (MSOE, 2011) to begin a career as an electrical engineer at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City plant, operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies. She was drawn to the optical engineering gradu-
ate program after earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, with minors in mathematics and physics, at another college. 
   As a graduate student, Reeves participated in research, presented scholarly work at conferences, and contributed to published journals. These experiences opened opportunities to operate optical design programs and gain hands-on laboratory experiences. 
   “My graduate-level experience with optics allowed me to find a job quickly,” says Reeves, explaining that her Rose-Hulman education also helped her earn a promotion after about a year on the job. “The knowledge obtained through the variety of optics-relevant courses at Rose-Hulman has also helped me when talking to clients and vendors. I understand the concepts and goals of what my collaborators are trying to achieve.”
   Also benefiting from the graduate experience was Brian Cahill (ME, 1996/ 
MSBE, 1999). He started as an industry design engineer with a medical products company before working as a senior product manager and senior design engineer for Guidant Corporation’s vascular intervention division.
   Now, as president of Diesel Radiator Company in Melrose Park, Illinois, Cahill oversees the engineering, sales, and manufacturing groups. His primary focus is new product development and design, as well as new manufacturing processes and systems implementation.
   “Graduate school allowed me to focus and identify what I really wanted to do. It also honed my skills,” says Cahill.
   A new graduate-degree program attracting worldwide attention is a dual- degree program in which students can earn master’s degrees in optical engineering from Rose-Hulman and South Korea’s Seoul National University of Science and Technology. The program also offers an internship at a company in South Korea. 
Terri Hughes-Lazzell is Rose-Hulman’s
marketing manager.
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