RaysAwareness App Earns National Honor

Forgot your sunscreen again? Students Spencer Fox, Mark Vitale and Aaron Wilson have developed a mobile app- RaysAwareness-that earned second-place honors and a $5,000 prize from the Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering. RaysAwareness increases and spreads knowledge about damage from overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation. The app syncs with the user's daily schedule to send reminders about preventive measures, such as when to apply sunscreen.

Team Seeking Discoveries in iGEM Challenge

Six students are hoping to provide groundbreaking improvements to yeast's maturation process as part of the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition-the premier collegiate synthetic biology event. "Synthetic biology is one of the most impactful new disciplines. Problems these students are working on in many disciplines may be addressed by synthetic biology," says faculty mentor Richard Anthony, Ph.D. Supporting the project is Michael Evans, Ph.D., founder of AIT Laboratories.

Formula Racer Sprints to Strong SAE Finish

Our Formula SAE race team is on the fast track, placing a strong 15th in this year's Society of Automotive Engineers' competition. Better motor performance and a 72-pound weight reduction helped the team improve 40 positions over its 2011 performance. "We designed smart, had great teamwork, and knew how our vehicle performed-inside and out," says team member Andrew Marrack.

Sportsmanship Earns Athlete Top NCAA Honor

Senior volleyball player Erika McGuire earned the NCAA Division III Sportsmanship Award for her notable displays of sporting behavior last fall. She created a pregame Zumba routine for her teammates that also gained participants from opposing teams. Prior to the title match of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference tournament, with an NCAA tournament bid on the line, the entire Bluffton University team joined Rose-Hulman in the pregame workout.

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