Student Accident/Sickness  

Student Insurance Options

All registered students are required to show proof of health insurance. Beginning with the fall quarter of each academic year, the student insurance premium will be added to the invoice. Current domestic students can waive this premium by completing the insurance waiver form found in the Banner system. International students are required to keep the insurance coverage provided by Rose-Hulman, even if they have other insurance in place. Parents should consult the parent’s pages for forms and answers to questions. This waiver must be completed at the beginning of each academic year. Students participating in the COOP or Studies Abroad programs must also show proof of insurance.

Student Accident/Sickness Insurance

Rose-Hulman Student Health Insurance is underwritten through Commercial Travelers. Policy brochures, Network Physicians, HIPAA compliance forms, claim forms, claim status, as well as contact information, can be found on the carrier’s website

Once at the carrier’s site, scroll through the college list and select the appropriate Rose-Hulman link. Click on the submit button. You are now taken to the “Welcome” page. On the left hand side of the page are links to others areas within the site.

Rose-Hulman Student Health Insurance is automatically charged to all students at the start of each school year. In order to waive the student insurance charge, the student must be registered as a domestic student. International students, regardless of registration status, are not permitted to waive the Rose-Hulman student insurance fee.

If the domestic student has other health or accident/sickness insurance and does not need the Rose-Hulman coverage, an electronic waiver must be completed by the student or parent each school year. Instructions on how to waive coverage can be obtained by reviewing “How to Waive Student Insurance.”

Insurance coverage can be added or deleted (waived) at the start of any quarter. Any waivers or additions submitted after the start of a quarter will be applied to the following quarter. Insurance charges cannot be pro-rated, backdated or removed from the student’s account after the start of the quarter.

The Rose-Hulman Health Insurance policy is an excess policy that will pay eligible expenses after any other collectable insurance has been exhausted. The bills incurred by the student must first be submitted to the family’s insurance policy for reimbursement. See additional information below under “Claim Procedures”

Insurance cards along with an insurance packet are sent to students by campus mail in late September or early October each year. As long as the student has been billed for student insurance coverage in spring quarter, they will have coverage in place through the summer months. Policy effective dates will vary each school year so please review the student insurance brochure for policy dates or contact the manager of Insurance and Risk Management at x8457 or by email.

Claim Procedures

Insurance Claim Procedures

A claim form must be completed and submitted to the insurance carrier at the address listed on the claim form. Claim forms can be obtained outside the office of the manager of Insurance and Risk Management (FAC116-Facilities) or by visiting the carrier’s website,

Once at the carrier’s site, scroll through the college list and select Rose-Hulman Health. Click on the submit button. You are now taken to the “Welcome” page. On the left hand side of the page are links to others areas within the site.

Claims will not be paid unless an Institute claim form is completed and provided to the carrier. The carrier will not accept a universal claim form from a provider. Please view the carrier’s website at for a complete listing of basic and major medical benefits, exclusions, forms and claim procedures.

The student has twelve (12) months from the date of service to submit all bills or requested documentation to the carrier. Rose-Hulman does not accept or assume responsibility in the event a claim or service may be denied payment by the carrier.

If any questions in regards to policy coverage’s, payment of a claim and etc…please contact Commercial Travelers directly at 800-756-3702 and speak with the representative assigned to Rose-Hulman’s account.

Miscellaneous Information

If you wish to contact the policy administrator of the student health insurance plan directly, go to and select “Rose-Hulman Health” from the school list. Click on then submit button and then select “Agent of Record” from the left hand side of the “Welcome” screen

If you would like to locate a Network provider offered through the student health insurance carrier, please go to and select Rose-Hulman Healthl” from the school list. Click on the submit button and then select the “Find a Provider” link on the left hand side of the “Welcome” screen.

You DO NOT have to use a network provider in order to have coverage under the student health insurance plan. A network provider just offers a reduced rate with less out of pocket expense to the student.