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Tilstra Helms Diversity Initiatives

July 23, 2011


There's a new face at the helm of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's diversityefforts.  Luanne Tilstra, professor of chemistry, is stepping away from some of her teaching responsibilities to become the first director of the Center for Diversity on campus. 

Tilstra will spearhead efforts to define the center's location and functions.  She plans to make the center the "go to" place for any student or faculty/staff member who feels the need for a more welcoming environment.

In her new role, Tilstra will coordinate and promote activities and programs designed to enhance awareness and appreciation of multi-cultural points of view on campus. 

She will continue the work that was initiated by the Diversity Council, and work with persons currently creating, planning, and promoting diversity awareness programs.

Tilstra will also serve as liaison between administration and student groups, and will work with the admissions, student affairs and institutional advancement offices to facilitate gains in the recruitment and retention of students from diverse, underrepresented groups.