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Class of 2015 Has 98% Placement Rate; $66,940 Average Accepted Job Offer

November 16, 2015

Career Job Placement

STUDENTS IN DEMAND: A record number of companies came to the Fall Career Fair in September for the opportunity to seek students for full time, internship, and co-op positions. More than 1,400 interviews were conducted on the following day.

Count 2015 as another year for strong job placement among Rose-Hulman’s graduates, with 98 percent of last year’s graduates finding full-time jobs, starting graduate school, or having been commissioned military officers by November 1, the national reporting date for the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Association of Independent Technological Universities.

Statistics released by Rose-Hulman’s Office of Career Services reveals the following items about the institute’s Class of 2015:

  • $66,940 was the average accepted job offer, with $106,000 being the high offer.
  • Majors with 100-percent rates were biology; biochemistry and chemistry; civil engineering; computer engineering and electrical engineering; engineering physics, optical engineering, and physics; and mathematics.
  • Amazon and Epic Systems were the top employers, both with 11 hires. Other companies near the top of the list were Ford Motor Company (8), ArcelorMittal (7), Eli Lilly and Company (6), Halliburton (6), Microsoft (6), Zimmer (6), National Instruments (6), Honeywell (5), Texas Instruments (5), and Naval Sea Systems (5).
  • A record 2,285 campus interviews were conducted during the 2014-15 school year.
  • A record 777 companies requested student resumes for full time, internship, and co-op positions.
  • 16 percent indicated accepting graduate school offers. Graduate schools on the list included MIT, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, and Cornell.

Rose-Hulman’s career services statistics are noteworthy because they cover all members of the graduating class, according to Kevin Hewerdine, director of career services and employer relations.

“We work hard with every student throughout the school year, and are continuing to work with those members of the Class of 2015 who are still actively looking for employment opportunities,” Hewerdine says.

Prospects are strong for the Class of 2016 as a record 266 companies attended the Fall Career Fair for the opportunity to seek candidates for full time, internship, or co-op positions. More than 1,400 interviews were conducted on the following day.