Women at Rose-Hulman

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women who work in STEM-related fields earn 33% more than those who don't. Yet females still account for only 28% of America's STEM workforce. You wouldn't be visiting our website if you weren't interested in science, math, or engineering, so here are answers to a few common questions about Rose-Hulman.

1. What percent of the student body is female? Nearly 25%, which is comparable to other engineering, mathematics and science programs.

Women at Rose-Hulman

2. What is the job placement rate for Rose-Hulman graduates? Placement for all of our students is nearly 100% every year. During our quarterly career fairs, we have employers recruiting our students from over 550 companies for co-ops, internships, and jobs after graduation.

3. What is the retention rate for female students at Rose-Hulman? For all of our students the retention rate is around 80%, with females having a higher retention rate than males. By comparison, nationwide, that rate is 42% for engineering students.

4. What is the campus culture like? Ask anyone on campus and they'll tell you about Rose-Hulman's family atmosphere. Our students look out for one another, and our faculty and staff are committed to helping you succeed. Our faculty members are dedicated to teaching, have regular office hours, and are very accessible. We also have a learning center with free tutoring. Personal counseling and medical services are available on campus as well.

5. How many women are on faculty at Rose-Hulman? Currently there are 42 women on the faculty.

6. Does Rose-Hulman offer women's athletics? Of course! We have nine varsity sports and a number of intramural sports. Varsity athletes compete in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. More information on Athletics.

7. Are there opportunities for international travel or study abroad? Certainly. Our Office of Global Programs helps match students with study abroad experiences that fit their individual needs. In addition, there are some classes offered which culminate with an international travel experience. We also have key partnerships with institutions around the world that offer dual degree programs and other academic options.

8. What are some of the student activities on campus? We have 90 student organizations, ranging from academic, social, religious, and service clubs, to student chapters of professional organizations, such as the Society of Women Engineers. We also have three national women's sororities - Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, and Delta Delta Delta.

9. Are leadership opportunities available? Students here have the opportunity for leadership experience by being involved in student government, Greek organizations, athletics, club, and through various other opportunities available on campus and in the community.

10. Are the residence halls coed? Yes. Two of the freshman residence halls are all-male and the others are coed by floor.

11. Is Rose-Hulman a safe campus? Yes. Our published crime statistics confirm that Rose-Hulman is a safe place. Of course, we want our students to use common sense, and we have taken preventative measures to ensure student safety such as lighting walkways, having security patrol campus, and installing video cameras in several areas of campus.