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Undergraduate Research Experience

Beyond our basic teaching program the math department pursues an active program of undergraduate mathematics research and mathematics project work which prepares students for careers in industry, business, government, and further study in graduate school.

In additon to our senior thesis/project program, we support undergraduate programs both on and off-campus through these programs:

These programs are supported by our facilities and our pervasive use of computing in the teaching of undergraduate mathematics.

A Fast Start

The Rose math program allows for a fast start in mathematics by a generous acceptance of AP credit and two fast start programs. The programs are open to all majors.

The Competitive Edge

Our department prides itself on its participation in mathematics competitions both for our own students and as an outreach in the K-12 STEM pipeline. Of particular interest are:

  • Rose-Hulman competitions page for details, contacts, and information links for all competitions.
  • Alfred Schmidt Freshman Mathematics Competition
  • Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Contest
  • William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
  • Mathematical Contest in Modeling
  • The Indiana College Mathematics Competition
  • Rose-Hulman High School Mathematics Competition
  • MATHCOUNTS – for middle school
  • AMC competitions – for middle and high school
  • American Regional Mathematics League (ARML) – for high school students


Department Programs and Contacts for Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Math Conference
Diane Evans and Eric Reyes
Undergraduate Math Conference

Rose-Hulman Math Journal
Tom Langley
Undergraduate Math Journal

Josh Holden and Kurt Bryan
Rose-Hulman NSF-REU

Inverse Problems
Kurt Bryan
Inverse Problems

Computational Number Theory
Josh Holden
Discrete Logarithms

Geometric Analysis
David Finn
Shape of a Cookie

System Biology
Al Holder
Systems Biology

S. Allen Broughton

Research Experience


Undergraduate Math Journal