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Rose-Hulman's Program for
Advanced Transportation Systems





Over the last seven years of competition, the Transportation Research & Systems Innovation Team has participated in the GM/DOE funded ChallengeX and EcoCAR and EcoCAR2 competitions, securing 9 top three finishes in system modeling, embedded silicon, and virtual instrumentation. Female members earned the Lynn St James Women in the Winners Circle award four years consecutively. Other awards include Best Vehicle Appearance, Best Outreach Presentation, Best Website, and Best Commercial Video.
Mentor: Dr. Zac Chambers and Dr. Marc Herniter

DBF (Design Build Fly)



The Design-Build-Fly team competes in annual international student design competitions. Over the years, the team has successfully created aircraft to serve as: a platform for multiple sensors, a reconfigurable short field transport, and an unmanned surveillance/attack aircraft. Team members are drawn from a variety of disciplines, and underclassmen are encouraged to join the senior-led team.
Mentor: Dr. Calvin Lui

HPVT (Human Powered Vehicle Team)



The Human Powered Vehicle Team has dominated the ASME competition for the last three years, earning the Overall Champion rank for both the East and West Coast finals. The 2011 West coast competition will be hosted by Rose-Hulman and held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Mentor: Dr. Michael Moorhead

RHEV (Rose-Hulman Efficient Vehicle Team)



The Rose-Hulman Efficient Vehicle team has earned a first and second place finish in the SAE supermileage competition while garnering second and tenth place finish in the US Shell Eco-Marathon and a 15th place in the European Eco-Marathon.
Mentor: Dr. Allen White

Rose-GPE (Grand Prix Engineering Team)



As RHIT's newest team, ROSE-GPE seeks to push the boundaries of undergraduate open-wheel racing in Formula SAE competitions through rigorous modeling and refinement of vehicle dynamics and engine performance. Students get a full range of engineering experience managing, designing, building, testing, and refining their vehicle under the pressures of multiple responsibilities and deadlines.
Mentor: Dr. Patrick Cunningham

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