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Rose-Hulman's Program for
Advanced Transportation Systems


 GM Blog Features Rose-Hulman with video  

A dynamic learning environment, the challenge of large-scale systems integration, the Rose-Hulman edge:


The Branam Innovation Center (BIC)


 SIC building 268px

Rose-Hulman's Branam Innovation Center (above) supports the ATS program with:
  • Project housing for competitive teams
  • Unique HIL Laboratory
  • Flexible workspace to facilitate inter-team collaboration
  • Dedicated machine shop, weld room, paint booth
  • Global wireless education capability

 For competition schedules, visit the Teams page.



Meet the recipient of a $2.7M Siemens software package for researching next-generation vehicles, EcoCAR2.

Formula SAE   

Current Sponsors

When you become a program sponsor, you're in good company. Here are some of our current sponsors.

Efficient Vehicle     


If you have questions about the program, the teams, the sponsorship, contact one of our ATS representatives.